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Victims of Crime Act

Joseph Persia
VOCA Administrator
Public Safety Grant Administration Office
311 Danielson Pike
North Scituate, Rhode Island 02857
Tel (401) 764-5797 Fax (401) 764-5834

Rhode Island is the first state in the nation to pass a constitutional amendment through a constitutional convention guaranteeing victims the right to participate in the criminal justice process. The amendment is as follows:

"A victim of crime shall, as a matter of right be treated by agents of the state with dignity, respect and sensitivity during all phases of the criminal justice process. Such person shall be entitled to receive, from the perpetrator of the crime, financial compensation for any injury or loss caused by the perpetrator of the crime, and shall receive such other compensation as the state may provide. Before sentencing, the victim shall have the right to address the court regarding the impact which the perpetrator's conduct has had upon the victim."

Article I, Section 23 of the Constitution of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.


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Victims of crime, you may now pick up and click the link above to follow the criminal justice procedures pertaining to your case.

Victims Assistance Formula Grant Program

The Public Safety Grant Administration Office has administered the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Victims Assistance Program since 1985 when the program was first enacted by Congress. The Act is funded through fines paid by those convicted of violating federal laws. The VOCA program has the most restrictive regulations of all PSGAO-administered grant programs as funds are strictly intended to support direct services to victims of violent crime. The Act requires priority be given to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and other groups identified by the state as being "under-served" victims of violent crimes.

The Public Safety Grant Administration Office made 33 VOCA awards in 2006 totaling $1.599,880 and in 2007, a total of 34 awards totaling $1,655,340.

VOCA Advisory Committee

Originally established in 1986, the VOCA Advisory Committee consists of representatives from both the public and private sectors. The Committee meets throughout the year and works with the Public Safety Grant Administration Office to aid victims of crime in the state, to identify the needs of victims of crime, to set goals for distribution of federal dollars, establish procedures for applicants to submit grant requests and make recommendations for the funding of grant program. The Committee and Public Safety Grant Administration Office staff review progress of individual grantees toward stated goals.

VOCA Advisory Committee Members

  • Stephen King, Policy Analyst Rhode Island Supreme Court
  • Cathy Cranston, A Crime Victim
  • Lee Baker, Project Coordinator Department of Children, Youth and Families
  • David Smith, Supervisor Department of Mental Health Retardation, and Hospitals
  • James Ganaway, President Casey Family Services
  • Wendy Becker, Rhode Island College School of Social Work Assistant Professor
  • Joseph L. Persia, Public Safety Grant Administration Office VOCA Administrator
Subgrantee Project Description
Attorney General's Office Providence Statewide Victim Assistance/Information Service Maintains expansion of services to felony crime victims with focus on priority victim populations to reduce trauma and aid recovery
RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence Warwick Rhode Island
24 hr. Helpline (with The sexual Assault & Trauma Resource Center, Inc.)
Provides a helpline for easy access to immediate, quality crisis intervention, support and referrals for all victims of crime in Rhode Island
Rhode Island

500 Prospect St.
Pawtucket, RI 02860
Family Support Project Provides support services to abused children and their adoptive families.
Scope: Statewide
Capital City Community Center Providence

Victims Assistance Meets psychological, emotional and practical needs of victims through counseling case management, advocacy and referral
Center for Hispanic Policy & Advocacy
AYUDAME/HELPME Program provides a response to the growing Latino community by targeting victims who newly arrive.
Child & Family Service of Newport
Elderly Abuse Program Provides outreach, assessment, advocacy, case management, and treatment for victims of elderly abuse and their families
Community Counseling Center
Child Sexual Abuse Trauma Treatment Program Seeks to expand mental health counseling to children and adults who have been sexually abused or traumatized by crime and/or their families.
Comprehensive Community Action Program
Enhanced Case
Management to Victims of Abuse & Neglect
Provides home monitoring & victim services for families in crisis by decreasing incidence of children and adolescents at risk of victimization
Family Service Inc. (Family Service of Rhode Island)
Police Go Team Provides a master's level clinician on call 24/7 to respond to a Providence Police officer's call from the scene of a violent crime. Model developed by Yale School of Medicine
Federal Hill House Association
Victims Assistance Program Provides immediate, on-going service to identified victims of violent crime.
Institute for The Study and Practice of Nonviolence Nonviolence Street Workers Program Provides crisis intervention, referrals, 24 hour on call, hospital visits/advocacy and court advocacy. Community interventions include, support /advocacy for families, prevent retaliation, conflict mediation, and preventing criminal response by victim.
Interfaith Counseling Center, Inc.
Interfaith Counseling Victims Assistance Provides focus on all types of crime victimization, with special outreach to male and female victims of sexual abuse, and victims of domestic violence within faith communities.
Institute for The Study and Practice of Nonviolence

Survivors Outreach Services Provides a range of supportive services for families, friends and significant others of homicide victims
Justice Assistance Providence

Project Victim Service Notification, referral, counseling, advocacy, restitution, system orientation, court escort, and follow-up services to victims within District Court
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
MADD RI Victim Advocate Provides victim a advocate to help prepare victims of drunk drivers for hearings and possible trail. Also provides assistance with victim impact statement and victim compensation.
Rhode Island Legal Services
Legal Assistance Project Provides free legal representation for qualified clients who are victims of domestic violence seeking restraining orders in Civil Court.
Kent Center for Human and Organization Development
Victims of Crime Act Provides Case Management services to adult survivors of sexual abuse.
Kent Center for Human and Organization Development
Victims of Crime Act Provides clinical intervention and support program for adult survivors who have been victims of traumatic violence and/or sexual abuse as a child
Office of the Child Advocate Providence Project Victims Service Provide services and a means of compensation to young victims who are in the custody of the state
Day One
Rhode Island Children's Advocacy Ct. Provides a team approach involving prosecutors, police, medical personnel, and family human service providers for the investigation and treatment of child sexual abuse cases
Day One
Law Enforcement Advocacy Project Provides a Law Enforcement Advocate (LEA) to the City of Providence's Police Department
Day One
Sexual Assault
Victim Assistance
Provides crisis intervention, counseling services and legal advocacy for victims of sexual assault and their families
RI Department of Corrections Cranston

Corrections Victim Services Maintains an Office of Victim Services to work with victims and provide information
Rhode Island Family Court - Providence Family Domestic Violence Court The Family Domestic Violence Court uses the Fund for court-based case management that includes evaluation.
RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence and abuse Victim advocacy Provides services to victims of domestic violence through the seven member agencies and also through printing and distributing brochures
Socio-Economic Development Ctr. for South East Asians
Victim Assistance
Outreach Program
Provides education and outreach to Southeast Asians who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and /or child abuse
422 Post Road
Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships Provides empowerment to women of domestic abuse by uniting female victims with trust and power sharing
St. Mary's Home for Children
North Providence
Sexual Abuse Parent Aide Project Comprehensive, family-based treatment for sexual abuse in families; treating the family as a system, fostering personal growth, independence and responsibility in all family members
Tri-Town Community Action Agency

Elderly Victim Assistance Program

South County

Provides help to Elderly Crime Victims
Youth Pride Youth Pride Inc. Victim Assistance
Provides victim outreach and services to gay, lesbian and transgender youth in RI